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At Ambient Productions, we are an audio visual company that focuses on guiding our customers through their concepts to completion. We bring tireless research and extensive experience to our clients so that we can make their vision a reality.

Core Services

Let’s take a look at each of these services and how they can help you turn your creative concept into a reality.


deliver the best systems Integration

Whether your project is big or small, it is vital that you build the best system that fits your budget. Your key decision makers are accountable to funding goals and restrictions. We walk alongside you to deliver the best professional systems that fit into your unique project.

We research, test, and train on AVL products to help you sort through the sea of options. We then plate those options to you in a way that can be understood by everyone on your team. We never compromise on quality. We also don’t upsell you on parts and equipment that are excessive to your needs. We take the stewardship of your resources seriously and are on your side throughout the entire purchasing process. We treat you like we would want to be treated.

impact your audience Live

Your event is your story and it has to be told with excellence. If you are looking for a company who can provide you with top shelf audio, video, and lighting support for live events, look no further. From dreaming about possibilities to post event load-out, our team brings years of experience on the road with top artists such as Lauren Daigle, Matthew West, Rend Collective, Corey Asbury and more. Live events are complex from safety and code compliance to choosing the right sized stage, sound reinforcement, LED walls, lighting and so much more.

We specialize in de-mystifying the process so that you can focus on your message and your audience can receive it in the best way possible. From arena shows, symphonic concerts, and multi-media corporate events, Ambient Productions can cover all your live event bases.

Ambient Productions, Live Event

Why Us?

We know that it is virtually impossible for you to run your programs, manage your teams AND to also be an expert in the products, trends, and processes related to AVL. That is where teaming up with a professional production company can help. When you are ready to partner with an AVL company for an event or an installation or a media production, you will see that there are pages of companies ready to try to win your business. You will want to partner with a company who has a great reputation for bringing enthusiastic and fundamentally sound solutions to a wide range of different clients. It’s best that you find a company with a proven customer journey that can take you from dreaming to launching your idea.

Ambient Productions is a young company who has carved a very strong reputation for being great to work with. We bring our love of the game and our holistic AVL experience to your team using refined and proven processes that leave you inspired and thankful that you trusted us with your investment.