Ambient Productions integrates new AVL system for Be Hope Church

Every system needs routine maintenance in order to continue to function properly. But even the highest quality systems will need to be replaced over time. Be Hope Church had been maintaining their AVL systems for years and using them quite effectively to accomplish their vision. But with a lot of systems beginning to cost more to maintain than they thought it was worth, they began to explore what it might look like to overhaul their system completely.

In this project, our team began meeting with their leadership well in advance of these changes in order to understand the vision for their project. We listened carefully to fully comprehend their desired timeline, budget and dreams fortheir auditorium. We worked with them to develop and execute a plan for a complete system upgrade that involved 240 LED wall panels, new projectors and screens, an army of brand new moving head lighting fixtures, new trussing to hang it all on, sound boards, two brand new line arrays and all the cabling and programming to make it all work. We worked hard to transform their space to be a place that is captivating to walk into and where their volunteers love to serve.

About Ambient Productions

At Ambient Productions, we believe in the transformative power of seamless AVL integration. By combining audio, video and lighting we create immersive experiences that captivate, inspire, and move audiences. With our dedicated team of industry experts, we employ the latest technology and innovative design, tailored to each unique space and purpose.

We don’t just deliver services – we provide strategic solutions that embody your vision, speak to your audience, and stand the test of time. From conceptualization to execution, we ensure every detail aligns with your objectives and expectations.