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Our Offerings

We specialize in medium to large events that need:

  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • LED Walls
  • Live Streaming
  • Event Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • Rider Support

Impact Your Audience.

You want your live event to impact your audience even after they have returned home. At the end of the day, it’s about your message being delivered with enthusiasm and clarity so that it can be experienced and remembered. There are hundreds of variables that can come against your goal during a live event. You have to consider so many things such as having safe and adequate power, staging, lighting, sound reinforcement, LED video and graphic support and so much more. Why not let the experts at Ambient Productions do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on simply connecting with your audience?

That is what we do. We handle the hundreds of behind the scenes details so that your event will go off without a hitch.

design & Integration

How We Do It

Having a clearly defined process is key to getting your project from concept to completion. We use our simple 3-step process to move your ideas into reality with measurable results and way points along the journey.

Ambient Productions 3 Step Process Discovery Dream


Your message should be the center of your live event. We will discuss your dreams and even talk about ballpark costs associated with your event.

Ambient Productions 3 Step Process Design Build


If you make the decision to partner with our Live Event experts, we will build a plan to manage every aspect so that you can focus on your message.

Ambient Productions 3 Step Process Launch Amplify


From load in to load out your event needs to be flawless. We handle all the details so that you can enjoy delivering your message in a powerful way!

Live production by Ambient Productions
Ambient Productions

every detail is handled

Live Event Productions

We rely on our team’s deep real world experience in touring and production to bring industry leading tools and concepts to your live event. Our standards of safety and excellence are uncompromising. We use proven processes to make sure every base is covered. We listen to your needs and craft beautiful plans and proposals to give you great choices in building your live event. Once we decide on the final design, we show up early and equipped so that we can safely set up all staging and AVL equipment. Everything is tuned, tested, and focused before you step on stage for sound and media checks. Your message will be delivered with clear consistent audio video and lighting coverage!

Complexity Simplified

We reduce your stress by handling all the production details. Our team of mixing engineers, and field technicians are vetted in this industry and know exactly what to do on site. We build a detailed plan and then we work it through step by step.

  • What makes a live event special?
  • What is the difference between a good event and a spectacular event?
  • Is it the actors and directors or MCs that make a show superior or is it something else?

Excellence Without Excess

You really get what you pay for in live production.

There are so many things to consider when planning for your live event. Budget is probably at the top of your mind. We have seen some smaller inexperienced companies offer bottom of the barrel pricing for live events. You really get what you pay for in live production. If having equal coverage of pristine and powerful audio that is mixed with excellence for your audience isn’t a priority- then we probably aren’t the company for you. If having high safety standards for staging and power aren’t a priority for you- then again we probably aren’t the company for you. If you do want your event to run without a hitch and care about the quality of your AVL for your audience- then we are partners you want to guide you through the event. When we do our job, your audience will not be thinking about us, they will be impacted by and remember your message. Call us today if your event is worth investing in excellence without excess.

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Our Clients

Just a few of the amazing clients we have had the privilege to work with

Co Hatch
Tri-County North
The Dayton Foundation
American Cancer Society