Live Production

We elevate live events to extraordinary experiences, orchestrating unforgettable experiences through sound, light, and visual expertise. Our passion lies in the craft of creating a unique atmosphere that not only entertains but also resonates with every audience member, transforming ordinary gatherings into memorable events.

With a team of industry veterans and equipped with the latest technology, we strive to provide solutions that reflect your unique vision and go beyond what’s expected. From the early conceptualization to the final clean-up, we remain dedicated to creating moments that truly matter.

Our Process


We take the time to listen to the vision for your production. We want to ask questions to better understand your desires and goals for your project. The better we know you and your team, the more we can bring your vision to reality.


We begin to propose custom solutions for your event and provide opportunities for feedback in order to meet timelines, budgets and expectations.


We finalize and execute our plan and bring your event to life. From set up to tear down, we take care of the equipment and the technology needed to pull off your event and make it a success.

Our Services


Whatever your message is, we want it to be heard. We design quality audio systems to distribute that message loud and clear. We offer a wide range of custom solutions for sound processing, audio consoles, 70v systems, microphones, amplification and speakers to fit your space and budget.

Ceiling Speaker and Acoustic Installation
Be Hope Church Interior Service Avl Controllers


We create video systems that work to effectively display your content for your audience, no matter the size. We work with each space to create custom solutions that suit your needs for live streaming, creative stage design or digital signage.


Lighting makes a huge difference in any space. We make sure your front, back and effect lighting all work together to create an incredible experience in the room and for a quality viewing experience online.

AVL Equipment on Stage

Our comprehensive suite of live event services include:

  • Sound: Crafting immersive soundscapes that captivate your audience and amplify your event’s atmosphere.
  • Lighting: Utilizing the power of light to set the tone, create ambiance, and highlight pivotal moments.
  • Staging: Designing and building stages that command attention and serve as the perfect platform for your performances.
  • Live Streaming: Connecting your event with a broader audience through high-quality, engaging online broadcasts.
  • Event Design: Tailoring every detail of your event to reflect your theme, goals, and brand identity.
  • LED Walls: Engaging audiences with stunning visual displays that complement your event and create a dynamic backdrop.

Your live events are more than just gatherings – they become unforgettable experiences, shared moments that resonate long after the lights go out.