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Here is a demo reel of our recent creative video work.

Our Offerings

We can produce several different types of content for you like some of the following:

  • Corporate Video
  • Training Video
  • Drone Video
  • Vodcast
  • Motion Graphics
  • Recording Studio
  • Song Creation
  • Podcast

We Are Content Consultants.

We love co-creating with you whether it be a podcast, song, or video. We have honed our skills in advanced audio and video production to produce content for our clients who range from national brands to local singer-songwriters and entrepreneurs.

You have a compelling story to tell. Let us produce it and it will be heard!

content creation

How We Do It

Having a clearly defined process is key to getting your project from concept to completion. We use our three step process to move your ideas into reality with measurable results and way points along the journey.

Ambient Productions 3 Step Process Discovery Dream


Your message is unique! We will get to know you and your passion while looking at ballpark pricing of your creative content production.

Ambient Productions 3 Step Process Design Build


You will have input at each step of our proven process. We will work together from the beginning of laying out your content through final approved edits.

Ambient Productions 3 Step Process Launch Amplify


Sharing your professional content with the world takes a plan. We can assist you in distributing your engaging message!

Tell Your Story...

Audio Production

For audio content production we utilize tools like our fully stocked beautiful recording studio in Springfield, Ohio which provides you with a relaxed creative space to capture your song or message. We also can do remote recording for live events or in home or business projects. We have invested in industry leading equipment to give your content a sound that is just like that from the largest studios in the world. This means you can create without breaking your bank! We can also utilize our growing number of partner musicians, producers and mastering engineers to give your project world class polish if needed.

Complexity Simplified

For a song recording we map out the form. Sometimes we offer advice on basic structural or lyric changes that will help it flow better. Once the song is mapped out we discuss instrumentation and move towards the recording process. From there every session can be as run as uniquely as the different artists and songs can be. Once all tracks are captured with passion and excellence, we begin to edit, and mix it based on many factors such as genre and comps from similar music. Once the mix is approved we master it (-a fancy word for getting it ready for distribution) either in-house or through one of our partners. Finally we can help you upload your audio masters or send them off to print if you need assistance.

Content Creation using Audio
Content Creation using Audio
Content Creation using Audio
Video Content Creation by Ambient Productions
Video Content Creation by Ambient Productions
Video Content Creation by Ambient Productions

stand out from the crowd

Engaging Video Content

To address your video needs we use high-end cinematic cameras and equipment that are actually on the Netflix approved list of tools for documentaries. This allows us to help your vision become reality whether it be a corporate training series, music video, or a compelling cinematic short film. Our team of professionals will bring class leading results while being down to earth with you as we storyboard and film.

Complexity Simplified

For video content we follow a very similar format to that of audio, just with different tools being deployed. The “mapping” phase of this process is called storyboarding. We like to spend as much time as budget allows on this phase to lay out the script and visuals. This informs us of what we need to bring to the shoot. During the actual shoot we will lean on this storyboard to gather all takes and media. This means that there is no guesswork on the day of the shoot saving you valuable time and helping you relax during the day. Having a defined process allows you the luxury of being able to relax during the video shoot. Once shooting is done the real magic happens with our editors who deliver a properly colored video with perfect audio that usually includes extra features like background music, and graphics as needed. We can assist you in uploading if you need or just simply deliver it to you via different methods.

Sample some of our recent work

Excellence Without Excess

Your message is worthy of investing in a great production.

We care deeply about the quality of your media deliverables and can be sticklers on making sure every take is right. There is a misconception that with today’s digital tools bad takes can be fixed in post production. We reject that notion. There is a reason the best albums from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, are still great today. They didn’t have the option of keeping bad takes. The artist had to get it right and that is what we push for. Of course we have the tools to tune a note or color correct a video that wasn’t just right and we use them often however we want to capture great takes that come from your heart so that your message will translate to your audience. Editing tools are our way of polishing great takes to compete with today’s industry standards of level, balance and excellence.

Content Creation using Audio

Of all the AVL services Ambient Productions provides, Content Creation is probably the most complex to quote due to the different types of content considerations. You may want to produce a simple podcast or you may need a musical bumper, special guests, zoom calls and more… We work with you to help you understand the costs of each aspect of production so that you can make informed decisions about your investment on the front end. 

Our Clients

Just a few of the amazing clients we have had the privilege to work with

Habitat For Humanity
Greater Springfield Partnership
R6 Interactive
The Dayton Foundation