University Baptist Church Builds New Worship Center

The Challenge 

From 2018 to 2020, University Baptist Church (UBC) experienced remarkable growth, with membership and weekly attendance increasing by over 250%. As the congregation expanded, the need for adequate space became a primary focus. In 2021, the church launched the Make Him Known initiative, which was an endeavor to reinforce the church’s disciple-making mission and included funding for constructing a new worship center and expanding the current facility. During the spring of 2022, University Baptist Church broke ground for the construction of a new 19,000 square-foot worship center. 

UBC was committed to using technology to better connect with people and to spread the gospel.

Project Overview: 

In 2022, UBC selected Ambient Productions to install a new AVL system in their Beavercreek campus. 

Our team orchestrated a comprehensive outfitting of UBC’s new worship center. We began by partnering with architects in the design process and walked through the entire building and process with the church leadership. We provided custom solutions to meet all of their AVL needs and trained their volunteers and staff on all their new systems.

Ambient did the full install of all A/V in our new 600+ person facility. We appreciated their big picture thinking, the kind & personable team, and the quality of work. This was a big job and had a lot of complications & Ambient handled it all with integrity, creativity, and follow through. Months after the job is done, they’re still a great resource for help, training & creative solutions.

Phil Wing

AVL services

Ambient Productions employed the following Audio, Video & Lighting (AVL) services before and during this  project.  We are still involved today with ongoing maintenance.

  • Planning – Listened to the vision of the leadership and began proposing custom AVL solutions. 
  • Designing – Worked with architects to maximize aesthetic and acoustic design.
  • Infrastructure – Worked alongside other contractors to install an infrastructure to handle the proposed systems (electrical work, pulling cable, installing rigging points, etc.)
  • Installation – Implemented the proposed systems along the timeline of the project.  
  • Tuning – Fine tuned the audio, video and lighting systems to accommodate the new venue. 
  • Training – Trained staff and volunteers to be competent users of the new systems.

AVL Solutions at UBC

In the dynamic world of church services, audio-visual and lighting play pivotal roles in enhancing the worship experience. For UBC, achieving the right balance of visual spectacle and auditory clarity was of paramount importance. Drawing from top-tier vendors, our tailored approach ensured that every sermon, song, and sacred moment resonated beautifully, both visually and audibly. Below, we outline the key systems and vendors instrumental in this transformation.

Drawing from our long relationship with trusted  vendors, our tailored approach ensured that every sermon, song, and sacred moment resonated beautifully, both visually and audibly. Below are some of the key systems and vendors instrumental in this transformation.

The Project Components & Vendors:

Entrusting the best in the industry, our solution not only met but exceeded the expectations, creating an unparalleled worship atmosphere for UBC. 


The new AVL system has allowed UBC to improve the quality of their audio and video broadcasts, and to reach more people with their message.

UBC began meeting in their fully functional worship center in April of 2023. Ambient Productions was involved in the project from the fall of ‘22 until the project was completed. Ambient continues to stay connected with UBC in order to provide routine system maintenance and further training on their systems. 

About University Baptist Church

University Baptist Church (UBC) is a multigenerational church with a mission to help people become wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ who know Him and make Him known. UBC has two locations in Beavercreek, Ohio, and offers a variety of ministries for people of all ages, including children’s ministry, student ministry, growth groups, missions and mercy ministries, and adult classes.

UBC quick notes:

  • UBC was founded in 1954 by a group of college students.
  • The church has grown to over 1,000 members.
  • UBC has a strong commitment to education and offers a variety of classes and workshops for adults and children.
  • The church is involved in a number of community outreach ministries, including a food pantry, a homeless shelter, and a tutoring program.
  • UBC is a member of the American Baptist Churches USA.

About Ambient Productions

At Ambient Productions, we believe in the transformative power of seamless AVL integration. By combining audio, video and lighting we create immersive experiences that captivate, inspire, and move audiences. With our dedicated team of industry experts, we employ the latest technology and innovative design, tailored to each unique space and purpose.

We don’t just deliver services – we provide strategic solutions that embody your vision, speak to your audience, and stand the test of time. From conceptualization to execution, we ensure every detail aligns with your objectives and expectations.