AVL Integration

At Ambient Productions, we believe in the transformative power of seamless AVL integration. By combining audio, video and lighting we create immersive experiences that captivate, inspire, and move audiences. With our dedicated team of industry experts, we employ the latest technology and innovative design, tailored to each unique space and purpose.

We don’t just deliver services – we provide strategic solutions that embody your vision, speak to your audience, and stand the test of time. From conceptualization to execution, we ensure every detail aligns with your objectives and expectations.

Our Process


We’re committed to understanding your vision and goals. By engaging in active listening and thoughtful inquiry, we ensure that the solutions we craft not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Our approach involves crafting tailored solutions that align with your project’s unique needs. We value your input, working collaboratively to deliver results that are on time, within budget, and above par.


Our service extends beyond mere installation. We empower you and your team with the knowledge and tools to excel, ensuring complete satisfaction with the technology solutions we provide.

Our Services


Whatever your message is, we want it to be heard. We design quality audio systems to distribute that message loud and clear. We offer a wide range of custom solutions for sound processing, audio consoles, 70v systems, microphones, amplification and speakers to fit your space and budget.

Ceiling Speaker and Acoustic Installation
Be Hope Church Interior Service Avl Controllers


We create video systems that work to effectively display your content for your audience, no matter the size. We work with each space to create custom solutions that suit your needs for live streaming, creative stage design or digital signage.


Lighting makes a huge difference in any space. We make sure your front, back and effect lighting all work together to create an incredible experience in the room and for a quality viewing experience online.

AVL Equipment on Stage
University Baptist Church Lighting Interior


Believe it or not, the way a room sounds doesn’t just depend on the sound system you put in it. The
shape of the room, material of the flooring and stage, as well as the other ambient noises (i.e. HVAC) all need to be taken into account when
designing a system. We use sound mapping to design sound treatment that partners with your sound system to achieve a balanced sound from every seat in the house.

We offer an array of custom solutions for all things audio, video and lighting. Some specific examples are:

  • Sound Systems: Tailored to your space and audience for optimal audibility and clarity.
  • Lighting Systems: Masterfully designed to set the mood, highlight focus, and create spectacular visual effects.
  • Video Systems: Deployed to engage and entertain with superior image quality and innovative presentation.
  • Streaming Solutions: Offering global reach and enhanced interactivity for your events.
  • Sound Treatment: Ensuring acoustical perfection in every corner of your space.
  • Design Documentation: Detailing every aspect of the solution for transparency, future upgrades, and maintenance.
  • Training: Empowering you and your team to operate the integrated systems with confidence.
  • Service: Providing ongoing support to ensure your systems continue to perform at their best.